Outdoor Media Group Inc.

A Technology Company, Specializing in Email Text Communication and Industry Leading Compliance and Notification Software

Name: Tony Moore

Profile: CEO

Email: tony.moore@omgi.us

Phone: (888) 222-3512 ext. 101

About Tony Moore

Anthony S Moore Sr. (Tony) is proud Veteran, Father, and, Grandfather as well as an avid hunter, fisherman, off-road enthusiast, and, outdoorsman He has built several successful business’s in Insurance, Finance and Construction. He is a firm believer in people’s privacy and freedoms.

Tony is a Founder and CEO of Outdoor Media group, Inc. With over 30 years of successful management, sales and finance experience he has a superb record of increasing sales and revenue. He launched CCS Finance, Motolease and APSL in less than 6 months had over 1000 retail facilities running loans and over 200 agents. He was responsible for taking a $0 dollar portfolio and increasing it to over $25 million dollars in new business in less than 2 years from his cell phone, while managing company operations.

Before this Tony owned Shanandoah benefits Group a large insurance agency with TPA services for 15 years. He specialized I self-funding and partial self-funded health plans for medium and large corporations he successfully marketed, and it received unprecedented popularity in the industry allowing Shanandoah benefits to be sold at a profit.

Tony started his career in the military and then worked in insurance once he got back to civilian life where he quickly learned niche markets and made many sales records. Aside from all of this Tony knows the importance of Honesty and Integrity in business this is why he has been able to create a network of Business Professionals and Consultants that can drive finance sales revenues in almost any industry.

Name: Mark Wood

Profile: CTO

Email: mark.wood@omgi.us

Phone: (888) 222-3512

About Mark Wood

Hails from Fosters, Alabama he also is proud Father and Grandfather as well as an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman

Acknowledged nationally for corporate growth achievements, Mr. Wood is a value-driven professional with a 25-year track record of dynamic leadership, technology innovation and corporate growth management. Vast experience raising over $30 million in capital including start-ups, mature businesses, and public companies. Experienced in Laravel/PHP, MySQL, IP communications, Drupal, WordPress, VueJS, Javascript, HTML, Linux, Office Applications and more. Led large and small teams in sales and technology development. Excel in capitalizing on interpersonal and technology skills to create unique blend of innovative solutions and products while pushing the creative envelope.

Nationally recognized by Deloitte & Touché as Founder and CEO of 12th fastest growing company in Texas (2,105% growth over first 5 years) and 168th fastest growing company in the U.S in 2003. He has traveled extensively during his career, founded international technology startups and worked for companies like Apple Inc. and ATT Wireless.


Outdoor Media Group Inc. services list


We offer many loan types and custom white label loan programs, with our network of lenders and investors we can cater to any and all desired programs.

Web Development

Our in house development team is hard at work making new exciting programs and products. They are always working to bring the cutting edge to life and deliver the highest quality to our clients.

Custom Email to Text Communications

Our aim is to bring a universal system to bring a unique messaging system to allow private messaging between pc, mac or mobile regardless of your devices. No more need to be forced into an eco system of products for this feature.

Unique Email Services

Striving to change the way email is used and integrated into our daily lives, we will bring new services to allow email to be your first go to form of communication and first go to form of file transfer in one nice and neat solution.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security are at the forefront of the start of all of our development processes. With our solutions and services, gone are the days of worrying about if your personal data is compromised and being sold or traded to advertisers or worse foreign entities. With our platforms and internal security policies this cannot and will not happen.

Marketing Services

Marketing is always a struggle for businesses and it can be very costly to market your business or even know how or what to spend your marketing dollars on. With our development teams, we built a very robust a low cost to use mass marketing tool with built in tracking to help businesses use their marketing dollars wisely.